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So, what is this site going to be?

I get bored sometimes at my primary job — and “sometimes” can be a lot, or it can be a little, depending on the day — and I have a pretty diverse (or so I’d like to imagine) collection of websites I visit: standards like (where I worked for a while) and The New York Times, along with probably lesser-known entries like Splitsider and The Page. (I’m also a big fan of The Big Lead, too.)

Cool Jobs

Alright — so now you know my general web surfing habits. What does that really mean? Very little, I suppose, unless there’s a chance for us to get into a bar conversation about an arbitrary ranking of professional sports teams, or the failings of Tim Pawlenty’s candidacy.

For a long time, though, I’ve wanted to have a blog — and I’ve had different ones, but none of them have really lasted (this one is probably the one I’m most proud of, though). I wanted to write about things that interest me, but I don’t want to write about sports or about politics or about entertainment, because there’s a million and five things all over the web that do that — and do it way better than I could ever hope to.

I started realizing sometime in my late 20s (I’m almost 31 as I start this blog/podcast experience) that what really interests me is work. I don’t mean the conventions of a specific job, i.e. “I love what I do!” I mean — we, as humans, spend a good portion of our lives at work. We do some interesting things and some boring things; we create and we destroy; we meet some stunning managers and some stunningly incompetent managers; we aspire to greatness and crumble into a heap. Organizations are different, jobs are different, and people are different — how does any of it make sense?

This is what I hope to address in this blog and within this podcast series. The main thing I want to do is talk to people with interesting professions, or unique takes on the world. I’ll put those up as podcasts (the first one should happen by November 1, if not sooner). Then, I hope to write three times a day. I hope to investigate something interesting to me about a job, a workplace, a strategy, or whatever. I’m not entirely sure how it will evolve, and I don’t care that I’m not sure — I like removing the pressure by just writing when I feel so inclined, about what I feel so inclined to write about, and then getting to talk to cool people along the way. In sum, I’m having fun talking about an experience that most people associate with tedium (work). Should be ironic and awesome.

Thanks for checking this post out, and I look forward to talking with you more as this whole thing evolves.

And if you’re wondering about the pic: I did a Google Images search for “cool jobs,” and that one made me laugh first. So there it is. Maybe I’ll interview some type of computer tech along the way — although more likely, I’ll try and track down that specific cartoonist.



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This is a blog and podcast series about the work we all do: the highs, the lows, the effectiveness, the intrigue, the models, the double speak, and the passion. The point is to have discussions with people in those fields about their life and experiences. And hey, sometimes the stories might be funny, too. In the spring of 2013, the new posts started to fade, but you can find them all on iTunes.

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