Episode No. 2: ‘Backflip’ Johnny Dudley

I knew nothing about the culture of rodeo before I did this interview with ‘Backflip’ Johnny Dudley, who is one of the funniest men in rodeo. Wait. Rodeo? Funny? Is that a necessary skill? Don’t you just rope bulls and whatnot? No.

In fact, the notion of a ‘rodeo clown’ — which in and of itself has several subdivisions — is fairly integral to rodeo. ‘Backflip’ will explain in this podcast, as well as talking about breaking his neck, and almost proposing to his girlfriend in a gay bar. It’s a good little chat.

You can always subscribe to the podcast at this link; in the meantime, enjoy some Johnny Dudley footage below and listen to my discussion with him by clicking the player above.


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