Episode No. 13: Tim Miller, Communications for Jon Huntsman

I’ll admit it: I woke up this morning (in sunny Miami, because I know you all care) and I immediately looked for two things: (a) a Minnesota Timberwolves box score from last night (because I am weird) and (b) Iowa/New Hampshire/GOP 2012 news. After I checked out both, I decided it was time to fire up an interview I’ve had ready: Tim Miller, a communications guru with the Huntsman 2012 campaign.

In this interview, we discuss a daily routine within the campaign, the role of Twitter, how web video can best be used, and even what happens when a Perry aide and a Huntsman aide are at the same bar in Des Moines.

If you’re into politics and want to know more about the grind of a campaign, definitely check it out.

If you want to see Miller on a more reputable platform than my own, check him out on MSNBC here:

As always, you can subscribe to this podcast at this link, and if you’re into Twitter, you can follow us @DaysWorkPodcast.



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