Episode No. 24: John Sterman, MIT Professor


John Sterman is a professor at MIT, predominantly teaching in the Sloan School of Management. As a professor focused on system dynamics, organizational learning, and systems thinking, he’s responsible for the development and creation of several business “flight simulators” — i.e. programs that can teach students about the challenges of running a business without actually having to promote those students to CEO or COO. The simulators are very popular with MBA curriculums.

One simulator he mentions here is The Beer Game; another more recent one is “Platform Wars,” about the video game industry. You can find other simulators — like Salt Seller, Fishbanks and more — at this link. He also references “Friday Night at the ER,” which isn’t specifically his game, but still interesting.

Sterman and I talk about all these simulators, the logistics of making them work, and more. Give it a whirl if you get a chance.

You can check out a full-length keynote from Professor Sterman in this video:

As always, you can subscribe to this podcast at this link, and if you’re into Twitter, you can follow us @DaysWorkPodcast.


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