Episode No. 37: Terema Carlin, Idaho Prison Warden


If you are checking this out via iPad or other device and cannot see the audio player, click here to listen — or just go ahead and subscribe. You know you want to.

Terema Carlin is the warden at the Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino (ICIO). Carlin has been working in Corrections in Idaho since about 1997; the current facility she has responsibility for is designed for 541 male offenders of various custody levels, but Carlin herself? A 37 year-old female.

In this interview, we discuss base assumptions behind Corrections, how a career path in that field evolves, the challenges and benefits of her job, managing prisons in general, why privatizing prisons could be a bad idea, her relationship with the community, and whether she’s ever encountered an inmate who should not be returned to mainstream society. It’s an interesting discussion, whether or not you’re intrigued by prisons and corrections in general.

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