Episode No. 48: Jonathan Cole, Ballpark Architect


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Jonathan Cole is a founding principal of Pendulum Studio in Kansas City. They’re architects, but as you learn in this interview — to be an architect isn’t just that job anymore. It’s a whole host of other jobs on top of it.

Cole has been involved in projects in Oakland (for the Raiders and A’s), Dayton (for the Dayton Dragons), Winston-Salem (for the Winston-Salem Dash), and Peoria (for the Peoria Chiefs) — among others.

We talk about all aspects of the production cycle here, as well as how big a role politics is playing these days. Give it a whirl — if you like baseball or architecture (or are just interested in new ideas), it’s a good episode.

If you want to see some grainy-ish video of Dayton’s stadium — one of Cole’s projects that he is most proud of — check this out:

You can subscribe to this podcast at this link, and if you’re into Twitter, you can follow us @DaysWorkPodcast.


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