Episode No. 64: Cynthia Kaye, Letters Alive


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Most Pre-K/K students can focus on a given lesson or exercise for about five minutes at a time — i.e. learning to read (I’m talking about in school right now, not necessarily at home). So … let’s say I told you (cue infomercial host voice) that there was a program in the world which would allow young kids to focus on learning reading for 20-25 minutes at a time. Would you believe me? Probably not, right? Well, thank God for this podcast, then … because now we have some proof.

It’s called Letters Alive, and here we’re talking to Cynthia Kaye, one of the pioneers behind it.

Want to see a bit more about it? Check this video:

Need more? Try this:

It’s interesting stuff, and here you learn about the development and evolution. Get this: a possibly fired reformed hippie helped start the whole ball rolling.

You can subscribe to this podcast at this link, and if you’re into Twitter, you can follow us @DaysWorkPodcast.


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