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Episode No. 29: Stefan LeFors, HS Football Coach/Former Louisville QB

LISTEN HERE: If you are checking this out via iPad or other device and cannot see the audio player, click here to listen — or just go ahead and subscribe. You know you want to. You can subscribe to this podcast at this link, and if you’re into Twitter, you can follow us @DaysWorkPodcast. The … Continue reading

Episode No. 14: Matthew Schilling, University of Minnesota Football Director of Video Services

Football coaches and players obviously watch a ton of video, right? I’m posting this on the morning of the LSU-Alabama national championship game, and in the 30-plus day layoff those teams have had, you know they’ve been watching reams of tape. I was interested in learning how the entire process works, so I spoke with … Continue reading

Episode No. 9: Josh Chetwynd, author/journalist/ball historian

Josh Chetwynd has done a lot of things with his young life: ballplayer, baseball announcer, lawyer, book author, and journalist. That second-to-last category is much of the focus of this interview, as we speak predominantly about his “balls book” (also known as The Secret History Of Balls ), which details everything you could possibly imagine … Continue reading

What’s This All About?

This is a blog and podcast series about the work we all do: the highs, the lows, the effectiveness, the intrigue, the models, the double speak, and the passion. The point is to have discussions with people in those fields about their life and experiences. And hey, sometimes the stories might be funny, too. In the spring of 2013, the new posts started to fade, but you can find them all on iTunes.

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